We design devices that help people in any age to overcome limitation resulting from mobility problems.

We achieve this by support and optimalization of rehabilitation process.

Statistically, every fourth person in a the world suffers from a knee joint problem. Exolimbs is trying to solve this global problem by acceleration and automation of rehabilitation process.

We can help in movement the millions of people with paraparesis caused by stroke, polio and spinal cord injuries.

Responding to the problem of an aging society, Exolimbs is increasing mobility of older people by active support of movement.

Be aware!

Injury can also affect You – no matter you are physically active athlete or the average man.

Rehabilitation process can take many months filled with hard work and sacrifices.

During this period, even simplest activities of daily living can be impossibly difficult to do.

When dealing with our help, you will return to the expected performance and you will again enjoy your life.